Cloud 9 Turkish Hookah Lounge provides a relaxing atmosphere for people seeking a Hookah Lounge in University Park TX.

Enjoy authentic Turkish hookah while you relax and smoke with your friends. Could 9 is by far the best hookah lounge in North Dallas.  The quality of our hookah pipes is simply amazing and we carry the best shisha in the world from brands like Starbuzz, Al Fakher, and Social Smoke.  Loading a hookah pipe is not just squeezing tobacco into a bowl. There is an art to it and Cloud 9 paints the perfect picture with an ambient setting and tranquil feel.
The atmosphere is exactly how an authentic hookah lounge should be and offers a relaxing vibe to chill out too.  We have a comfortable lounge with perfect lighting and really cool paintings.  The staff also is what makes the atmosphere amazing as they make you feel at home.  If you are not sure what to select, ask our knowledgeable severs and they will help you enjoy your evening and feel welcome.

Our shisha flavors come from the top brands like Starbuzz, Social Smoke and Al Fakher.  We have the best hookah lounge by far and come highly recommended by our guest.  We offer the perfect low key hookah bar to bring friends to and hang out as you relax to the best hookah experience of your life. There are plenty of choices of flavorful shisha to choose from including peach, grape, pineapple, and apple to name a few.  Our customer service here is unbelievable and our staff is very attentive.  The servers are extremely friendly and willing to help and answer any questions you have.

Our lounge is very spacious and will not make you feel crammed, we are perfect place to bring a date or just hang out with friends to chill out and smoke the finest shisha tobacco.  The hookah pipes are top notch and provide a very smooth pull as we maintain our hookah pipes very well to ensure you enjoy every moment.  We have nice tranquil vibe with reasonable prices to go along with the best authentic Mediterranean food in North Dallas.  We are not just a 5 star hookah lounge but a 10 as we will double all of your expectations and make you want to share us with friends as we become your favorite hang out spot.
We bring you a unique hookah smoking experience that you will want to share time and time again.   If you are just getting off of work and want to unwind then you have found the perfect place to go.  Sit back and check out our food and drink menu as you are warmly greeted by your server.  Have some great tasting tea as you look through our shisha flavor menu and for an extra cool experience ask you server for ice in the base of your hookah pipe.   The pulls will be so smooth and cooling you will just forget all about your stresses and start enjoying the rest of your day.