Cloud 9 Turkish Hookah Lounge provides a relaxing atmosphere for people seeking a Hookah Lounge in The Colony TX.

Enjoy authentic Turkish hookah while you relax and smoke with your friends. Sit back and relax while you enjoy the best hookah lounge in the North Dallas area.  Come in and get cozy in our plush hookah lounge as you let the stress fade away.  Smoke on the finest shisha in the world from top brands like Al Fakher, Social Smoke, and Starbuzz that smokes smooth, is delicious, and feels fantastic at a great price.  The atmosphere and ambiance is awesome with really comfortable cushion seating, dimly lit and tranquil. The staff is all very friendly and attentive and you will love the vibe in here.
At Cloud9 Hookah Lounge we provide a clean atmosphere, and the air is not too thick, and the vibe is really chill for a really amazing experience. The hookah pipes are incredible and the staff knows how to prepare a proper hookah pipe.  For the hookah pipe enthusiast, this will not disappoint, the shisha flavors are incredible, and you will always be happy you stopped by to relax from the daily stresses.
You won’t be able to say enough good things about this place.  We are happy to have you as our guest and will take the absolute best care of you during your entire stay.  Our hookah prices are great, drink prices are great and the staff will make your visit so amazing.  Our staff is very attentive and patient with our guest to make you feel at home.  Our hookah lounge will welcome you and make you feel so at home that you will recommend us to everyone.
Come join us for a night of hookah smoking and a light meal as you relax and enjoy yourself.  We serve the best authentic Mediterranean food that is incredible and reasonably priced.  We have a large selection of shisha flavors and were well versed in the different top brands like Al Fakher, Starbuzz, and Social Smoke.  You will love the fact we are not a “dine and dash” and the staff routinely stops by to service the coals.

The food we provide is excellent with it being the best Mediterranean food, you can’t find another hookah lounge with food at these prices that taste like this.  Our drinks are eclectic (non-alcoholic). None of them will disappoint. Anything from hot tea to iced juices are all very awesome.  Our employees are respectful, knowledgeable, and friendly.  They will always make you feel welcome in our hookah lounge and will handle any issue you have with food or hookah willingly, respectfully, and swiftly.  Our staff knows the menu and will provide excellent recommendations.

You will love the ambiance, very hip, comfortable couches and chill music. Service is always good as we replace the coals for you if needed to you never get a bad pull.  Certainly a nice place if you are looking for a good hookah lounge in North Dallas.

A little bit about The Colony

The Colony was not officially a city until 1977 when a vote was held over extraterritorial jurisdiction.  With a population of over 36,328 The Colony is a small suburb of Dallas.  Originally a piece of land Fox and Jacobs owned the Colony has not been established for very long and does not have much history.  In 2003 a 5 star Athletic Complex was made and The Colony was named Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Sports Town of the United States.  The Colony is home to the Corporation Pizza Inn and also Edward Don.  The Colony has a mixed Development named Austin Ranch that is a community of retail stores, apartments and condominiums.