Cloud 9 Turkish Hookah Lounge provides a relaxing atmosphere for people seeking a Hookah Lounge in Parker TX.

Enjoy authentic Turkish hookah while you relax and smoke with your friends. Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge can seat large groups.  We have plenty of space to have nice birthday parties, or any social event.  We have a wide variety of hookah flavors from shisha makers like Starbuzz, Social Smoke, or Al Fakher so enjoy your personal favorite or get help from our friendly staff.  We are the perfect hang out spot for friends, dates, or relaxing and eating after a stressful day.

Very nice food can always be expected from us as we serve the best authentic Mediterranean food.  Our hookah lounge invites you to a tranquil setting filled with ambiance.  We have a variety of different dishes to meet everyone’s palate.  We are also able to meet your needs if your diet is restricted in any kind of way.  Our service is quick but also very friendly and we are highly recommended amongst the hookah lounge enthusiast.
Sit back with the best shisha flavors and indulge in the smoothest hookah pulls as you relax in our hookah lounge.  The flavors are full, the drinks are thirst quenching and the ambience of the place very chill.  We have a perfect place to come and blow off some steam or just hang out and chat.  You will love this place from the decor, the servers, and the deserts.  The decor is really chill and elegant.  The staff is always friendly and makes sure everything is going well for you.  This will be the best hookah lounge you will ever go to.  Our drink menu is awesome and you can ask our knowledgeable staff if you need help deciding.
We have our staff go around to check and change your coals which results in a fuller flavor from your favorite shisha tobacco.  The staff is very friendly and we make you feel like you belong.  You need never have a bad experience as we are always here to make sure you feel welcomed. If you’re having trouble picking between hookah flavors, ask your server.  We will take your order and recommend flavors that will compliment your food.  We have some tasty hummus with pita bread to enjoy while you sit back and laugh with friends

We have amazing food that is authentic Mediterranean which in the best in North Dallas.  We are highly recommended amongst the locals and we also provide a great vibe. The food is fresh and satisfying.  The hookah pipes here are always stellar and our lounge has good ambiance, top notch shisha, good prices, and delicious HUMMUS.  When you walk in the atmosphere is very chill, low lights, with and an authentic feel to it.  The seating is great, and the music is always chill.  The food and drink menu has something for everyone.  The service is always good and you will always want to come back to hang out with friends or if you just want to unwind after work.