Cloud 9 Turkish Hookah Lounge provides a relaxing atmosphere for people seeking a Hookah Lounge in Highland Park TX.

Enjoy authentic Turkish hookah while you relax and smoke with your friends. Come in and lounge in the best hookah lounge in North Dallas.  None of them compare to Cloud 9 as the establishment is very clean and the staff is friendly and helpful.  We are always attentive and make sure their customers are satisfied.  Enjoy smoking on the finest brands of shisha like Social Smoke, Starbuzz, and Al Fakher.  From novice to experienced smokers you will find your favorite flavor like grape, peach, pineapple and watermelon to name a few.
Come in and enjoy our genuine customer service with a smile.  We are highly recommended for events or parties for you and your friends that will leave you memorable moments you can always smile about.
Sit back and relax while enjoying the best hookah lounge in North Dallas.  We are very friendly to guest and you can count on us to have a really good time with your friends.  Our hookah bowls have an amazing long lasting taste that brings out the full flavor of our top brands of shisha.

This place is great, very welcoming staff, great shisha, and is a very comfortable hookah lounge.
We are highly recommended because prices we are very reasonable, and the furniture is all very nice and clean.  We are great for a group a friends, so bring a deck of cards to play games.  We also play good music, but not so loud that you can’t hear your friends.  We have a great atmosphere that’s clean, has nice beats, and good service.
We always serve good hookah pipes to go along with the finest shisha.  We offer a helpful staff and comfortable seating.  The waiting staff is attentive and always checks in on our guest, we are always helpful with your hookah pipe needs making you feel welcome.  The drinks are always good and our hookah lounge has a chill vibe, good ambiance and relaxing music.  We have really good authentic Mediterranean food to enjoy while you lounge in a really lovely, chill, clean atmosphere.  We offer great drinks, good service and smooth pulling hookah pipes.  Our food is fresh and the tea and drinks are so delicious.
Clean with a nice ambiance, and incredible service that will make you feel at home.  If you just want to lounge with friends or out on a date we provide the perfect setting for a fun night out.  We come by to check on you often and change the coals out to ensure you get the full flavor of our finest shisha flavor.  If for any reason your hookah pipe is hitting harshly we fix it immediately to ensure the smoothest pulls. You will always enjoy our lounge and want to come back to share more good times with friends.
You will fall in love our hookah lounge, even if u are a regular hookah user then you will see we provide the best shisha smoking experience that is always relaxing.  We provide all the flavors you want with top brands like Al Fakher Social Smoke and Starbuzz.  Our hookah lounge is very tranquil, mellow and relaxing.

A little bit about Highland Park

Highland Park is a town that is located in central Dallas County.  With a population of 8,564 it was it officially became a city in the year 1913.  A group of investors from the city of Philadelphia bought the town for 500,000 dollars.  The first ever Mayor of Highland Park was a man by the name of W.A. Fraser.  Highland Park is known for its quality homes and has a strict zoning ordinance and has lots of parks running by the side of Turtle Creek.  Highland Park is home to the Dallas Country Club.  Some scenes from the T.V. show Dallas was shot at Highland Park.