Cloud 9 Turkish Hookah Lounge provides a relaxing atmosphere for people seeking a Hookah Lounge in Frisco TX.

Enjoy authentic Turkish hookah while you relax and smoke with your friends. Come join us at the most authentic hookah lounge in North Dallas.  The lighting is soothing and the seating is luxurious, the best hookah lounge to chill for a few hours with friends for a great time and at a low cost. Enjoy great music as the vibes send you to Cloud 9 to make you forget about all of your stresses while smoking your hookah pipe packed with your favorite brand like Al Fakher, Social Smoke, or Starbuzz. Our hookahs are well maintained to ensure you get the full flavor of your favorite shisha.
The shisha flavors are great, and the hookah pipes are constantly maintained by our attentive staff to ensure you get the full flavor you desire.   Cloud 9 Lounge offers a cozy spot to catch up with friends, work on your laptop, or update your social network statuses while enjoying flavored shisha with many variations of flavor.  We offer tobacco blends, special filters, a good selection of coffee or teas, and authentic Mediterranean food.  The service is good and you are usually given a fair bit of attention despite the amount of people lounging.   With a nice atmosphere that is friendly and tranquil music to lounge to this will be a place you will want to share with your friends frequently as you become regulars.

Our hookah lounge provides a fun place to come hang out with friends.  There’s a variety of hookah flavors available like delicious peach and grape to name a few.  If you have a bunch of people and plan to hookah a lot, this is a great place because they have great prices and plenty of room to get comfortable while smoking on our finest hookah pipes.  The drinks are tasty and they also have authentic Mediterranean food. We offer a great place to chill and get anyway from the hustle and bustle of the clubbing scene.
Nothing we do leading up to making a good hookah bowl is standard or similar to most places.  We make sure that our hookah pipes are well maintained to ensure smooth pulls and full flavor.  For extra smoothness ask for and an ice filled base that will make your hits extra smooth and cooling.  Our staff has great knowledge on the different types of hookah smoking that is impressive and informative. They are excellent with their ability to match/mix flavors to your liking. They are very understanding when you’re not satisfied and will not hesitate to please your hookah taste buds.  Our hookah pipes and hoses are all a high quality and clean to ensure you get the best experience while relaxing with friends.
We provide the most chilled out hookah lounge ever, great taste of music being played, friendly staff that checks up on you, and a wide selection of amazing shisha flavors to choose from.  You will always enjoy smoking from our hookah pipes as they provide a smooth pull and a full flavor.

A little bit about Frisco

With the city of Dallas being settled Frisco had pioneers coming in by wagon trains traveling down the Shawnee Trail that came up from Austin.  That Trail is now known as Preston Road and used to be called Preston Trail.  Now a city of more than 135,920 Frisco has grown into one of the nicest suburbs in the Dallas Metroplex.  Named Tree City Frisco in recognized for environmental improvements.  Frisco is also recognized as one of the “Best Places to Live” and Forbes ranked the city 7th fastest growing suburbs in America and 7th best places to live.  Frisco Independent School District is the biggest employer of the City.