Cloud 9 Turkish Hookah Lounge provides a relaxing atmosphere for people seeking a Hookah Lounge in Dallas TX.

Enjoy authentic Turkish hookah while you relax and smoke with your friends. Come Visit Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge to see what all of the buzz is about.  Enjoy our hookah lounge and get the Royal treatment as you browse through our Shisha menu and select from our many flavorful tobacco choices.  From top brands like Al Fakher, Social Smoke, and Starbuzz you can sit back in a relaxing setting and unwind. Choose from our tasty tobacco flavors like, bubblegum, peach, grape, blueberry muffin, mango, or pineapple to name a few.

Sit back in a tranquil setting with hookah lounge music relaxing your ears as you smoke your stresses away.  Experienced or just starting our staff will make sure this is one of the best hookah experiences of your life as you chill out and enjoy yourself.  If you are out with friend or out on a date Cloud 9 Hookah lounge will provide you with the best hookah experience in
North Dallas.

Smoking flavored shisha in our hookah pipes is profoundly relaxing and a great way to spend time with family and friends. A hookah pipe is a Turkish water pipe that uses flavored shisha 35% tobacco, with 65% fruit pulp mix that provides a flavorful combination with no tar and a little bit less than 1% nicotine.  The carcinogens are then filtered through the water so it does not have the same negative effect like smoking cigarettes.

Our hookah lounge provides a place for people of all different cultures to come together and relax in an atmosphere that transports our guest to an ideal getaway. The tranquil setting is surrounded with plush seating, good music, and stunning décor that all contribute immensely to the ambiance of the lounge which immediately transports you from the stressful world outside the doors to the relaxing hookah lounge within them.

Good vibes, great music. We play awesome music videos on Television. We are very spacious having an ideal layout for our lounge. Our couches are soft and luxuriously relaxing. You will love our customer service, as we continuously check multiple times to make sure coals are burning well and that you have everything you need.  Our 5 star hookah lounge offers shisha in peach, and grape, and watermelon, as well as many other flavors. We keep our hookah pipes cleaned well so you always get the most enjoyment out of your favorite flavors. You will never find any residue from other flavors on our hookah hoses. Our large bowls are always perfectly packed for the optimum smoking experience.

Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge will be your favorite hookah lounge that will never fail when you are looking for a place to chill.  Our lounge is really awesome.  Prices of our drinks are good from our menu, the staff is very warm and friendly, and where else can you get a great tasting grape or peach to feel your shisha smoking needs.

A Little bit About Dallas Texas

Dallas Texas was developed in 1873 from construction of a major railroad which connected to Houston Texas.  It starting booming in the 19th and early 20th century and was a major leather manufacture of leather.  Dallas Texas is the 9th largest city in the United States and the 3rd largest in Texas.  With a population of over 1,241,162 Dallas is a place that people around the world covet.  The whole metropolitan area has more than 6,700,991 people living in the area.  Dallas is the 3rd largest concentration of Fortune 500 in America far from the days that the city relied on farming.